Louis The Child and Whethan are Facing Off in a Beat Battle Tomorrow

May 27, 2020
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Louis The Child wants the smoke.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Louis The Child took to Twitter yesterday to formally challenge fellow young gun Whethan to an Instagram Live beat battle.

Longtime friends and frequent collaborators, Louis The Child and Whethan are both on the verge of releasing full-length albums. Louis The Child recently announced their debut record Here For Now along with the project’s tracklist and release date and Whethan has been teasing his FANTASY LP for weeks. He recently chatted with EDM.com about the highly anticipated album, which he likened to “getting in a spaceship and leaving Earth off this electronic rainbow.”

Considering all the hype surrounding these two, tomorrow’s beat battle should be a doozy. To make it even more salivating for fans, Louis The Child made sure to include one crucial caveat. “Unreleased music only,” they wrote in their tweet.

Tune into Louis The Child’s Instagram tomorrow, May 28th, to watch these two prodigious dance music acts go head-to-head.


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German Venue Holds First Social Distancing Club Event

May 26, 2020
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A German open-air club pulled off a socially-distanced event complete with live entertainment.

A Münster-based venue, Coconut Beach in Germany, has held what is believed to be the first socially-distanced event at a club. Promoter TakaTuka threw the event which hosted just 100 attendees at the open-air club. Patrons were each positioned in personal sections which were each distanced several feet apart. 

Gerd Janson, who performed at the the socially-distanced event, took solace in the thought that this was a first step towards a return to normal. In a statement provided to Resident Advisor, the DJ commented, “It felt like a reinsurance that it [the event] can go on in some way, shape or form until things can get back to normal.”

Coconut Beach normally has a capacity of 2,000, meaning the 100 person cap marks a 95% attendance reduction compared to the club’s normal cadence of business. As a result, prices were much higher than normal with tickets running €70 each (approximately $76 USD).

Even with the price hike, the club is far from matching the revenues seen prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Resident Advisor report, the club’s managing director Thomas Pieper acknowledged the abnormally high prices, stating that costs will decrease as regulations adjust and as the live event space continues to slowly return to its long-awaited state of normalcy.