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Zedd is revitalizing one of his older unreleased works for his upcoming album.

Zedd is turning one of his older unfinished works into a song for his forthcoming sophomore album. Taking to Twitter, the “Good Thing” producer commented that the newly finished, unreleased work would be a stylistic blend of classical and dance music.

Zedd also shared a live performance snippet of the track. Longtime fans are likely to recognize the project as one of Zedd’s previous live show introductions from a few years ago.

Zedd’s debut album True Colors just hit its five-year anniversary on May 15th of this year. While Zedd has confirmed his long-awaited sophomore album is in the works, he has been deliberate in suggesting that it won’t be released until it meets his highest expectations

Despite being most closely associated with both dance music and mainstream commercial pop in recent memory, Zedd actually got his start at four years of age learning classical piano, which continues to shape the direction of his music. That formative skill has lent itself well to creating some of the most iconic dance music melodies in recent years and likely many more to come.



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